Optional Test Module 16: HCA Advanced Loading

Product Code : sw_module16

Allows quasi-static independent control of the five axes; Axial (load, stress, strain, deformation), Rotational (torque, rotation), Outer Cell pressure (kPa), Inner Cell pressure (kPa) and Back pressure (kPa) using either constant, ramp or slow speed sinusoidal control. Note: PC needs to be running GDSLAB.


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Independent Control over the following Parameters:
  • Axial Load (kN) or Axial Stress (kPa) or Axial Deformation (mm) or Deviator Stress (kPa)
  • Rotational Load (kN) or displacement (mm)
  • Inner cell pressure (kPa)
  • Outer cell pressure (kPa)
  • Back pressure (kPa)

Control over the above parameters by:
  • Constant (maintain a target value)
  • Ramp (constant rate of change to a target value with time)
  • Sinusoidal (cyclic)

Additional control options:
  • User defined phase shift between axial and rotational axes
Computer Interface

Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher (We strongly recommend that Windows is fully up to date and running the latest Service Pack/Version available). Recommended PC Specification: 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 64Bit Operating System and USB connectivity. Note: GDS software can run on lower spec PC’s however; performance and processing of data may be affected.