Optional Test Module 10: Oedometer Logging (Hanging weight or Automated Consolidation devices)

Product Code : sw_module10

This module allows a user to measure and log results from the hanging weight testing system according to user specified sequence events such as linear, square-root or log time.This module also controls pneumatic or electro-mechanically controlled oedometer. Note: PC needs to be running GDSLAB.


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Available Tests

  • Oedometer logging
  • Step loading
  • Swelling pressure (constant height, where height control is available)

Computer Interface

Required Operating System: Windows 7 SP1 or higher (We strongly recommend that Windows is fully up to date and running the latest Service Pack/Version available). Recommended PC Specification: 2GHz processor, 4GB Ram, 64Bit Operating System and USB connectivity. Note: GDS software can run on lower spec PC’s however; performance and processing of data may be affected.