Product Code : DYNTTS-5

 The Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System (DYNTTS) is a high-end testing apparatus combining a triaxial cell with a dynamic actuator capable of applying load, deformation and stresses at up to 5Hz. 

The axial axis is screw-driven from an integral base unit housing the motor drive. Axial force and axial deformation are applied through the base of the cell. 

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Key features Benefits to the user
High accuracy electro-mechanical control: The DYNTTS system is capable of very small strain static tests through to large strain dynamic tests.
Interchangeable load cells: Allows user to accommodate very soft to very stiff soils with ranges of 1, 2, 4, 8, 10, 16, 25, 40 and 60kN.
In-built balanced ram (up to 5Hz systems): Keeps cell pressure constant during cycling, meaning a dynamic pressure controller is not required (unless dynamic cycling of cell pressure is required).
Interchangeable pedestals and triaxial extension top caps: Allows testing of 38, 50 and 70mm diameter test specimens in the same cell.
Direct closed loop of axial displacement & axial force: Accurate control in either axial displacement or axial force mode.

High accuracy electromechanical

Axial Force Accuracy


Displacement Range

100 & 0.20um

Load Range (kN)


Operating Frequency (Hz)

5Hz - 40kN

Sample Sizes

38, 50, 70

  • Bender element system (Vertical, Horizontal, S and P waves).
  • Hall Effect Local Strain.
  • LVDT local strain.
  • Unsaturated testing.
  • Temperature controlled testing.