500kN Virtual Infinite Stiffness Load Frame

Product Code : VIS500

The 500kN Virtual Infinite Stiffness loading system (GDSVIS) is the premier load frame in the GDS VIS range. GDSVIS stands for virtual infinite stiffness, it allows the axial loading system to operate as though it has infinite stiffness (zero system compliance). This type of frame is exclusive to GDS.

The 500kN version of the VIS has the added advantage that the beam lift can be used to lift the cell top on/off the cell base (extra long columns as an option) as well as hydraulic clamps to hold the beam in place.

Key features Benefits to the user
System calibration: The GDSVIS is calibrated to provide precise data on the load-deformation relationship of the entire load application and load measuring system.
Load frame stiffness: GDSVIS load frames are extremely stiff and designed principally for rock testing to allow minimum backlash at the point of sample shearing (other, less stiff load frames do not give good results at this critical point in the test due to the stretch of the load frame under high load).
4 column rigidity: The load frame has been built with 4 columns for extra strength and rigidity and can hold a cell size with a 700mm outer cell diameter.
Feedback control: The GDSVIS comes with feedback control and continuous displays of axial load and platen displacement.
USB computer interface: May be used stand-alone using the keypad supplied or under computer control.
Computer Interface


Displacement Accuracy

0.05% of full range

Displacement Range


Load Range (kN)


Resolution of Measurement and Control

<0.1% full range, displacement = 0.1micrometre

  • Extra tall columns allow heavy cell tops to be raised from their boxes using the automatic cross beam raising and lowering mechanism, making sample preparation quick and easy for a single operator.
  • Hydraulic column locks replace the standard torque wrench’s tightened locks, allowing the user to quickly exert clamping forces when adjusting the height of the frame.