2MN / 64MPa Active Cell

Product Code : AT-RTS

The GDS high pressure active triaxial cell is capable of reaching axial loads up to 2000 kN (2 MN). GDS advanced high pressure controllers are used to apply axial and radial stresses, up to a maximum radial stress of 64 MPa. This product is aimed for users who are testing rock or very stiff specimens that have high peak strengths.

The system comes with its own lifting frame specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the active cell, with the use of an in-built winch to remove the specimen and top section of the cell. 

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Key features Benefits to the user
The actuator is powered by a 200cc / 64 MPa GDS Advanced pressure controller to increase efficiency and reduce whole life costs: This efficiency means the full load of the frame can be achieved by drawing less than 1000 Watts (1 kW) from mains electricity, instead of a hydraulic power pack which can draw up to 50 kW. Control is carried out by a GDS advanced pressure controller, therefore providing highly accurate and stable load application. 
The actuator can also be operated using low pressure compressed air:
This allows low stress testing to be carried out efficiently and accurately, as well as quick specimen docking prior to testing. Note an air/oil interface is required for this procedure.
Ideal for creep and relaxation testing:
Ideal for use where displacements are very small and load application needs to be accurate and stable.
Fourteen internal connections:
Allows a large quantity of transducers to be placed on or around the specimen. These utilise glass to metal feedthroughs that enable transducers, such as LVDTs or acoustic emissions, easily to be connected.
Internal submersible load cell:
The design of the cell does not allow for an external load cell to be implemented, therefore only an internal load cell will be appropriate. As the load cell is submersible the cell has been designed to be filled only with oil. 
Specimen sizes up to 150mm:
The cell is able to accommodate specimens up to 150 mm diameter with external strain measurement devices mounted.

Load Range (kN)

2 MN

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

150mm (d), 300mm (h)

  • LVDT Local Strain
  • Acoustic Velocity
  • Acoustic Emissions