1.5MN Hydraulic Loadframe

Product Code : HLF1500

 The HLF1500 is a dynamic hydraulically actuated loadframe which can apply loads up to 1.5MN.  Specifically designed for efficient and effective testing of stiff geomaterials the HLF1500 has a high axial stiffness, user safety and operability at the core of its design.

 The triaxial cell is designed as a cowl-type cell, where the cell wall can be lifted without the need to remove clamps.  All lifting and handling is designed into the system. The cell is capable of heating the internal volume of oil up to 150oC whilst under the working pressure of 150MPa. 

Pressure is supplied to the cell by optional integrated high pressure intensifiers.


Computer Interface


Operating Frequency (Hz)

5 standard, (optionally up to 20)

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

up to 70 diameter x 140 height

Weight Approx (kg)